This Soul A.M Sunday we touch down in a year that has the love! The love of Soul! gone were the days we huddled around a receiver in the wee hrs to record from modular frequencies that dared to dream of a day when our music ran free! Soul was here! There! and yes everywhere!
As the yuppies made cocktails cool and Filofaxes Chic! They were famed in becoming the new dance floor of the 80s..7pm became the new midnight as we sought a new social platform to feel our souls desire, Miniature clubs installed with lights n superior sound systems. The bars were the new night spots that for a few years grew in popularity as socialites nationwide mingled at spots from Bethnal Green to the old Kent road, Streatham to Tottenham! this was how London did it! And I must not forget that were fed both visually from 6pm on a new channel that brought our sounds to the 4- ground and audibly from record joints like City Sounds on Londons Holborn.
Welcome back to the Star-Date 1986 Dance Decade 15