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‏Cure for Cold warm Vinyll

‏Soul A.M November 2014

Welcome lovers of the Groove and welcome to the Stylus Our Fast Forward review of the next few weeks live shows cut short due to my family break,

I have to Apologise as the previous 6 weeks has seen a unusually annoying spate of dilemma's that have contributed to interruptions beyond my control thus having to utilise our vast back catalogue of Recorded shows, which even though great to here again...Are nothing like the real thing! Sure that's a song title,

This very ongoing factor spurned me to build My brand New Soul A.M Vinyl Studio's aka the Red room! Going live and eventually ironing out some remote log in issues, We seem to be back to standard and I thank you for your undiluted patience during these trying times...

So what difference will there be to soul A.M Sunday,

The Good news is that there is nothing we need to enhance as TNGR.COM already streams at a very superior bit rate, but there are more plus's....
> I now have my main Vinyl Vault at my disposal to select at will, Freestyle heaven indeed ,
> With no record bag being packed Saturday evening, No bag to restrict my track capacity ,

This will take some getting used to, and then there was actually traveling to a studio! something I have done consistently for 12 years just for this show alone to keep the Vinyl candle alight.

Here is a look at what's coming your way this month which I sincerely hope that you enjoy,
Please remember to drop your requests in the groove line shout box to our right and lastly If you have to Shop For Christmas? Yes Actually go out!! Then take our Mobile App with you, Or simply subscribe to the Soul A.M Podcast and never miss a show again...

16th November. LP SHOWCASE
Pure is more as the Master J invites you to discover soul artists true identity immortalised forever within the grooves of the albums,

23rd November. FREE STYLED
Do it, Do it, Do it from the very essence of Soul, totally unorthodox simply wicked culmination of LPs, Mixes, and back to back feel good records from the vaults of my vinyl heaven.

30th November. P.L.A.N.E.T SAMPLED
We go behind the music this month with the next in this influential series that uncovers the original riffs an back-beats behind those unoriginal tracks, I don't judge! We Celebrate...

Coming December Masters of Music, Brand New Creme de Creme and our present to you the Christmas morning show...

Stay Soulful MJ.

Sent With Soul from Wayne Hunter-Nevers
‏Master J Soul-am Group all rights reserved 2014

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