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‏This has been a year of Change and then Some..!

‏December on Soul A.M

Welcome to this very festive edition of the Stylus, fashionably late this month, as I prepare for not only my money maker (Sounds crude) J.O.B, for loads of man hours, but.. I am gearing to make you shake your groove thing to not one or two themed shows this December but four!, and thats not including the last Sunday of the Month if I’m not wiped out by then! Looking back of 2014 we have beat some mean vinyl streets with shows that have taken you back to places and spaces locked away in the darkest recesses of your memories, The Masters of Music have duelled record labels to a new monthly time slot.

My favourite Lp showcase has scintilated purists the globe over, rediscovering our albums that we already own but bought shamelessly for maybe one released record, only to now re-introduce us the the artists true identity.. Long spin the Long Play!

Oh yes we ran The forever Dance Decade series including 2 Prelude shows uninterrupted for 12 weeks some feat, with each week a different year it just works..and Lastly we build the Soul A.M Vinyl Studio's aka the red room (see photo’s) purpose built for my decks and at arms length, my entire Studio collection, which is not all of my records!!, and here’s a bit of a Christmas secret! the last time that i practiced at home was…wait for it 1987, Hence the FreeStyled approach.

So what have I got in store for you Groovers to see out 2014.

7th We enter the REVIVAL
14th Brand new show Creme de Creme
21st The Masters of D.I.S.C.O
And on Christmas day from 10am P.L.A.N.E.T UNCOVERED

I really hope that you enjoy this months shows including inviting me into your homes Christmas morning... (*Make myself sound like Dracula*)

Wow should be a very cool month indeed. May I take the time to wish you all a very Soulful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year. Same again please in 2015, This year rocked!

Yours Wayne A.K.A The Master J

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