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Every Track a winner

Welcome to the February edition of the STYLUS

How long and wet was the soggy month of January, thankfully we benefitted from the miserable weather as we recorded some impressive listener Ratings Both over Xmas and throughout Januarr. THE WORD is indeed getting out, So keep spreading

What have I got in store for you Groovers this Romantically laced Month! Quite simply

Nothing but goodness…Pure Undiluted melodies from the dance floors of our past, as we return to Cyberspace after a very short break ( any break is too long for me ) with a good old fashioned Freestyle of all sorts from the early seventies through to the magnificent 80s, looking forward to putting a shift in this Soulful Sunday, But even more so next Saturday evening as I get to embark on an unimaginably Satisfying excursion to wade through a sea of pure uncut albums and 12” grooviness in preparation to present the next instalment in the upcoming Masters of Music series which sees
‏Warner and co (Electra & Arista records) go Deck to Deck with the Mighty Motown label, this face off is going to be head on…Pure thrillers no fillers style-e…

W.E.A vs MOTOWN airs February 9th and kicks off from 10am as part of Soulful Sundays on I know that I'm going to work so hard during this show i will lose weight and will leave the studio in need of a break! and thats exactly what I am going to do even though the first part of My trip is far from relaxing as we Beat the streets of our second favourite City Manhattan NYC, Absolutely gutted that I will just miss the Indy Soul Mixer event in Brooklyn as jetting onwards to Mexico to top up My tan at the LeBlanc Spa resort and catch up with our friends. This does mean though that Andy B gets to deliver you the goods on Sunday the 16th,We will be locked in for sure hope you join me

I have thought of some subtle enhancements to co exist alongside the live stream, which for me personally is always the best way to experience the show..But i also understand that shows first run is not convenient for all timezones, So from the 9th of Feb, Soul A.M Podcast launches to fill the void left by the R.E.W.I.N.D Service currently under reconstruction on, When this service resumes theres no reason why they both cant co exist, Yet another way to obtain the show,

Soul A.M Podcast is available on iTunes and can be subscribed to so every week you get the show automatically uploaded to your iTunes account

The Shout-box feature also makes a welcome return this February and I personally cant wait for all your requests and Dedications to return as this feature has always meant so much to Me

Enjoy Valentines and Soul A.M this February

Wayne AKA the Master J


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