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‏‏The Stylus

‏‏No matter what tribes and tribulations life (work life) throws at you! It seems that the raw fundamental values of Soul music has the capabilities to lift you above the clouds, inspire us through words that always seem to just tick the box that bonds the coincidence factor which makes you think the artists could be somehow thinking of you!

A very warm welcome soul music lovers of the world to this months edition of the Stylus, my monthly shout that gets you In touch with what's coming your way this coming month right hear on Soul A.M my weekly broadcast which go's live Sunday from 10am and podcast replay hrs later.

The funny thing about this shows creation back in 2002 is I actually intended the show and my music to help you the listener recharge your souls after a heavy night out, or if you woke up Sunday morning with the worries of the previous week firmly thrusting downwards on both shoulders, these tunes were and have always been utilised to great effect to make you feel good! Or at least better? Ironic really then that recently I have found myself anxious for the Sunday morning fix as I too battle the dark and dishonest that lurk at my own work! I suppose that I am now self medicating??

What does March bring! apart from tease us with Spring,
March see's the welcome return of the LP Showcase that does exactly what it says on the tin, To uncover and discover the finest music that lie between the grooves of the artists Long Play releases, We also know the perfect way to share the album covers now that I love so much! Via social media, I knew that I would find a valid use for networking at some point as I don’t use it to errrr Socialise.

Your passion for our fantastic grooves bounce's straight off of mine seamlessly every week to inspire me to come up with even more intuitive ways that stay true to our ethos, to respect the artists fine work the ultimate way that I can..

Never intend to voice over the artist,
Be original, Do it My way…Innovate Not Imitate!
Play original Vinyl, bought in real time, back in my day, plus scour the globe for LPs missed,

For the rest of February I am totally going to FreeStyle as I prepare for some more Mammoth shows as we near the First UK Bank Holiday weekend, take a sip of the delights coming your way very soon to Soul A.M

Bank Holiday Sunday 5th April
The MASTERS of MUSIC series returns with two more Giant record labels go Deck2Deck to see who will be victorious,

Feb date TBC
I will present the next in the popular series simply entitled P.L.A.N.E.T INTRO

And May Day weekend
Discussions are taking place to finally bring Jazz on a Sunday as a Joint Radiocafe-Soul A.M Produced Excursion into the world of Jazzy grooves to bring back JAZZ on a Sunday to London and beyond, title TBC,

Until next time stay Soulful and enjoy music..

The Soul AM Groove Line


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