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‏‏FreeStyle January 2015 The Stylus

‏‏On the back of a Solid Soul December of themed shows available through rewind now via podcast, I would like to welcome you to our latest edition of the Stylus my front page to everything Soul A.M.
‏This blog coincides with my weekly broadcast that celebrates so much more that my Vinyl record collection which now Spans half a century.

‏Over many years we have somehow managed to incorporate time itself! as if somehow woven into the very fabric of the records that are played, our timelines have intertwined seamlessly through years of sheer enjoyment to the groove’s of everything soul music, Oh the Memories record Labels, wine bars and clubs and not forgetting the record shops, Sheer bliss unleashed every single week revived for your musical pleasures in glorious undiluted Original Vinyl including those crackles and the occasional jump! But no pop.

‏‏Feedback from a musicians perspective can be bad! But alternatively from the perspective of a presenter / producer’ it can be a very powerful tool as this show is designed for you! With the best intentions to tap into your most precious music induced memories’ with the best intentions of making you feel good.

‏So when I had both record numbers of live Listeners on Christmas Morning that was followed with positive feedback on both the Festive line up of shows contents and originality, It raised the point being the new year and all what direction…Just what direction can i take our show in 2015 that will reflect nicely off of all of the magic captured during December, Then it dawned on me that as we near 13 years of this shows broadcast this April, all more recent listeners will not remember when my FreeStyle editions of Soul A.M were not a treat! but they were how we did it every week with no themed shows just back2back unscripted, Unauthodox boogie downs across London town, Raw yes! but at the same time decadent to the last.

‏So this should come as no surprise that the whole of January will become Free-Style Jan totally unscripted shows, Just the way that I like it.

‏‏Undiluted at 11am has also been neglected Slightly as the Segway at the midpoint of the show that was for many of the years chosen by the listeners, but over the years it has morphed into my choices! I would like hand this back over to you, As I invite you to once again to submit your tracks to host the top of the hour slot Undiluted at 11am.

‏‏To do so simply Submit your choices and a brief message in the Groove-line shout box right here on this page. or via Facebook page.

E‏‏njoy the Sounds of our Soulful past throughout January…and have a very Soulful New Year.


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