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‏The Creator of the Master-Plan

‏Soul A.M July 2014

Welcome back to the Stylus. My monthly front page that is dedicated to introducing you to all forms of Audio Ecstasy that lies within our portal.

‏Let me first re-introduce myself, my name is the Master J and each and every soulful Sunday morning, I have the ultimate pleasure of sharing my record collection with you, broadcasting my weekly show entitled Soul A.M now satisfyingly, in its 12th year of broadcast.. ‏Streamed live around the world with a 256kb hi-end Quality. Enhanced even more by the warmth of the Vinyl, that sounds superb on any system anywhere in the World! (We know as I have listened from Mexico to Manhattan, Jamaica to Scotland ). World radio at its finest....but there's More!

‏Then there is You... The appreciation, Anticipation and undiluted support that you show week in week out, over all of these years is truly remarkable. With more countries discovering TNGR and Soul A.M daily from every Timezone that you can imagine! One thing though is very apparent, the universal language of soul music has no boundaries prejudice or bigotry! Just pleasures embedded within your audio memories, waiting to be unleashed on the soul senses.

‏The Master Plan

‏Oh yes almost forgot! as well as the live streams we are going to upgrade the rewind feature on our site, to incorporate the New Podcast of every show which will be available 24hrs after this Space!

‏Lets Dance

‏This June we embark on an even more epic journey than the last with not 1 but 2 Preludes to DD12. Where we set out to discover the artists, instruments and bands from the mid-70s who influenced and unwittingly ignited the Spark that created the D.I.S.C.O Explosion!

‏e then kick off Dance Decade 12, my yearly celebration of my favourite timeline of music. This time we set the start Date to 1978, and for over 10 consecutive weeks we will end with the game changing 1987!
What is your favourite year! Night Club! Record! Lp! Group! Artist, Wine-bar or Fashion??? This Decade of Dance will take you back if you lived it? and actually there if you missed out, there is no room for fillers as every track is a thriller.

Autumn 2014 these other great Soul A.M productions return!

Lp Showcase The Masters of Music and the P.L.A.N.E.T Series.....For now Dig out those flares!

‏Master J Soul-am Group all rights reserved 2014

The Soul AM Groove Line


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