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‏The Stylus Autumn

‏Soul A.M August 2014

‏Welcome to our portal that can be found at the very heart of Cyberspace where things Dark and Groovy spin and crackle with the Soul intention to make you feel good! And thats just my Vinyl?

‏My name is MJ and every Sunday I present to you my weekly broadcast of Soul A.M which goes back some 12 years now being created back in 2002,

‏As I write this very line I have uploaded the penultimate episode of the 1987s Dance Decade series, My yearly celebration of My favourite timeline of dance music, Some may well argue that!but its mine and coupled with the Memories - Purchasing the Music via record shops?
(Remember them!) And the bars n Night-clubs…simply sublime.

‏Each year from 1978 upwards for ten consecutive weeks which tell their own story that is sure to unlock the lover in you! a special moment or better still! you may even find that melody that you held so dear for all of this time because you may not of known the tittle, That is the undiluted power of the dance decade as I only play uncut original records that i own which occasionally crackle, pop and the unwelcome jump. its a guilty pleasure that we get to relive that somehow evolves with each passing year, Subtle changes just enough to not dilute the series but to enhance, coupled with a fan base that spans the globe long may it continue…

‏Now i was recently asked a question by Macy in St Johns wood in London regarding superstition!

Q - Will I skip dance decade 13 and go straight to 14 in the series!
A - My answer was simply ….Wait and see!

Dance Decade 12 is available for you to subscribe to the Podcast right here right now.

‏Coming Soon

Looks like no rest for old dusty ( Me ) as after my short break thats after the welcome return of the Regular show ft Andy B on Sunday 17th, I am back with the return of a show that i have missed quite a lot,The very popular Masters of Music series that pits one record label against another, next up its two very dance driven companies as Prelude goes Deck 2 Deck with Solar records, There is clearly only one winner here! and its you.

Looking into September we will give the themed shows a well earned break and do what I enjoy best! Freestyle Just play music…Mix music from every format in my locker coupled with your requests and a free reign to just enjoy the good Groove,

When I do decide that the time is right we will unleash another themed show that oozes class

The Lp Showcase, Now this show is for lovers of true Soul Music to be able to re-discover music from artists that you might already own!…As we play the other tracks on the Lps you may not know! but already own, Having purchased for the known records only! Simply Magic! Absolutely wicked definitely showcase.

Listen out for yet another returning shows advert that only Manifests itself in the month that follows autumn as the Darkness Descends that always remind us that maybe..just maybe!
You may not be alone….Stay soulful until next time enjoy your records.

‏Master J Soul-am Group all rights reserved 2014

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