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Seasonal Groovings

Welcome to the End of year edition of the Stylus our review of all things Soul A.M during 2015

My weekly broadcast is about to enter fourteen uncut years of continuous AirPlay.

This year has been full of wonder celebrating the seasons for the first time with a host of Themed shows based on both Summer, Where we introduced both

The new fan favourite Battle of your Bands and the Impeccably researched months in the making, Jazz A.M that was Co produced by the Radiocafe and the anticipation did not disappoint, A sequel is all but guaranteed so watch this space.

Ironic really that I mentioned Space! Not only have I been transporting some Vinyl out of the Studio to make room for LPs that currently reside lower ground to unleash even more rarities upon your Soul senses, I have been pondering creating a brand new intro to the show more apt to my Science fiction taste preference! (See what I did there utilising the word Unleashed?) ok let's see how that pans out.

December will definitely adopt a festive look and feel As we Freestyle our way through

The final Calendar month with all Record media from 7"s to Albums getting unwrapped to spread Undiluted Joy to all who visit our Cyber-Soul-Space.
Christmas on the other hand I will attempt to seek answers to a musical myth,

An age old Urban legend that has had many music lovers asking the question! Just How did a group get there breakthrough record So right? Only to never quite replicate that feel good factor that very few achieve to amass Fame and Fortune!!

Ok we don't have the answers...But we have the music to be able to present to you the next in the P.R.O.J.E.C.T series entitled The 1 Hit Wonders, Airing Christmas Day from 10am,

The Christmas Celebrations continue on Sunday the 27th where we revisit one of my Favourites In and Out of Soul a very personal perception of music from outside My music box that I have compiled to stand side by side with memorable Soul Music as a celebration of all genres of music captured within my memories growing up unwittingly adopting a greater appreciation for Musicians and Producers from across the Audio Spectrum hope that you enjoy.

I would like to thank you for your belief, Continued support for the Vinyl media and appreciation for honest radio that is produced and Free-styled live for the purest appreciators of real Music,
May you all have a Merry Christmas and a very safe and prosperous New Year,

Soul you in 2016
Best Regards MJ
This is Soul A.M Vinyl Uncut.


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