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Summer on Soul A.M

‏‏Sunshine and Soul Music go hand in hand So if the last week London Town has embraced is anything to go by! We are in for a very long hot Summer.

Welcome to the Stylus the companion review of My weekly show that this month FFs to the end of Summer's days in the hope of obtaining a greater incite into all the upcoming shows that await your Soul Senses..

Battle of the P.L.A.N.E.T's
It seemed like a good idea at the time! Both outside my comfort zone, And a daunting challenge...
But once I started to do the research, I quickly found out that not only is this show concept too big for just one show! It's actual one of the most unique projects I have undertaken to date...
P.L.A.N.E.T INTRO airs Sunday 12th July we open the series to uncover the purest introductions released, An array of fine productions intentionally created to introduce you to Soul Music Perfection.
Then Part 2 P.L.A.N.E.T OUTRO shortly follows on the 19th that concentrates on the final third of the pressed media which surrounds the dead Space around the records label, Not satisfied with just faded out audio that we all never got to experience. We will unleash a selection of the finest productions laid to wax that intentionally sets out to deliver a truly memorable conclusion to their finest work..

Up Next is a bold but strangely familiar direction for this show, As over the many years now I have been associated to so many Typecasts like an 80s Jock! Mega Mixer too My music being very jazz orientated!! The latter more consistently! So much in fact I am about to transform not only the way the show sounds but also how it's feel,s.
I have teamed up with My dear friend Paul Langford over at Radiocafe who is in fact a big Jazz aficionado to compile the best Jazzy tracks we own collectively, mostly rare LP's We are collating to deliver to you...finally.....JAZZ A.M,

An extended feature that will showcase the Finest Jazz from our Soul infused artists and producers, Put it this way! I will not be Surprised if a sequel creates itself.

I Sincerely hope that I get to create the space for another edition of the
BATTLE OF THE BANDS before winter as it is so much fun and has already thrown up a few shocks.

On the other hand! If it does have to wait.. it will only be because the most popular show that I have created is eagerly waiting around the corner ...
Dance Decade season is back, Standing at nearly 3 months in length you can see why I have incorporated it to the tittle, Running over 10 weeks from Aug-2nd featuring
Star-dates 1978-87 with each week being a different year your memories will be cued for overload, That'not including starting the series with an early 70s Prequel show and ending with a 90s Special it will be magic Simply Magic,

All the shows combined should lead us Nicely to darker territories with a whole new batch of themed shows and free-styles before we unlock the Crypt to unleash The Afterlife series for Fall 2015

This is Soul A.M Vinyl Uncut.


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