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‏‏The Stylus May

‏‏Welcome soul-heads this months edition of the Stylus, this month we welcome the return of some of our most iconic themed shows, plus also a brand new show which was created live on air inspired you you the listen, produced by a great support team! More abut that debut later.

We recently lost an absolute Legend recently which cut deep Mr Ben E King, and in good our Soul A.M fashion Undiluted served as a great platform to pay tribute to not one but two lessor known but groovy tracks, At time of writing this my sky notifications just flashed we have just sadly lost a true icon to the seventies explosion of sight n sound Mr Errol brown, Hot Chocolate, in the often sexist 1970s He gave the ladies little else to focus there mince pies, As he gyrated onscreen in Satin pants, it won't seem so weird to say, Sir Errol rest in peace, You sexy thing.

Let's take a peek at the weeks ahead pausing every Soul A.M Sunday…

The 10th FreeStyle Edition.
Early 80s Edition,

17th LP Showcase

24th Battle of your Bands Pilot
Heatwave vs The Whispers

31st The Masters of Music presents
A.M Records vs 4th & Broadway

I sincerely hope that you enjoy May and all the Soul inspired goodness that it brings, Summers here see's U.S. Voyage to new territories and I can't wait enjoy....

Stay Soulful, MJ

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