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‏‏The Stylus

‏‏Welcome back to Soul A.M and this month edition of the Stylus, My Monthly scan through the coming month to highlight some Up and coming wonders that await you throughout April on Soul A.M.

Before we ego there Lets REWIND to Marches Standout shows LP SHOWCASE and the MASTERS of MUSIC series
which i have to admit that I have rewound twice each, Its the culmination of so many tracks chosen by you that really elevated the Showcase, Awe Inspiring melodies with heart warming and sometimes controversial lyrics thats sure to warm your Soul, Its just as exciting for me to listen even though I own these Albums with many into their 4th Decade since creation,

Then there is the welcome return to Soul A.M of The fan favourite which started out as an incite to how different record labels are! Now its full on all out Vinyl Battle Royale (without the cheese) As well as facing off some of the best and biggest record labels out there to see who has the biggest names signed to them! We introduced independant scoring for fun of cause by Langers over at Radio-cafe, but it added so much more depth and interaction by scoring rounds which i think we ended up playing 10 rounds around 20 tracks..Simply notifying me along the way which Label was edging it and what artist was working it,

Both Shows are available for REWIND via the Podcast so subscribe today…

This Month as the Sun tempts you to reminisce of Summers past to never ending backdrop of Soul music, We invite you to Open your mind with a collaboration of Live Free-Styled shows and one or two Historic Replays as I am moving the Studio again…! Hopefully will only take one week, But fear not! the show will be Epic, So hopefully you won’t even notice…

Look forward to May as we present another A-List themed show to co-incide with anther Bank Holiday,

Till then Stay Soulful, MJ

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