This Soul A.M Sunday morning land at a very iconic year’ for our music was everywhere! The feel good factor that was to infectious to contain since the turn of the decade was about to hit a peak!
A peak that would in fact inspire Soul to evolve yet again! Just like a decade before that morphed the dance R&B of the early 70s into Disco, this new hybrid of dance music that would be created by the most influential knights of the turntables was about to be forged from the very killer cuts that we know as the Philly/Salsoul sound of Soul.
This was not an overnight phenomena! for our Soul music’s embrace was still to strong and with artist’s having 80+ percent exposure through clubs, stores and Movies! It would be inevitable the our genre was about to invade both your local wine bars and the small screen that give us a birds eye view of the Artists that we followed and posers who wanted to show you they did!
Welcome home the Star-Date 1985 Dance Decade 15.
This is for you…Its the most I can do! MJ