SOUL A.M Preludes 1970s DANCE DECADE


It is time to open your minds to unleash endless memories from moments in your past you thought lost forever! Dance Decade season is back and this Soul A.M Sunday i present to you a prequel show that is designed to re-introduce you to all that was positive, pure and more about the fantastic 70s.
From the tribulations of Soul artists trying to break free of the shackles of a static material world where oppression and depression bore down heavy, to the emergence of D.I.S.C.O & Funk revolution that would sweep a nation and infect the music industry for ever more..
Warning… This show and its contents are Unscripted..Undiluted and Unmissable for all those who cherish Soul Music played and presented to you with sincerity and Love for the artist musicians and producers who did it properly in their day,
All in the hope of spreading Love to the world and beyond we so rightly need today…Enjoy.