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Innovation is something that I absolutely pride myself on here at Soul am and as I introduce you to you a new season of entertaining shows over the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, I take a look up over our dashboard to share with you that this edition of the Stylus is being scripted from the passenger seat of a 2016 Ford Mustang as we enter the final third of the Vinyl Voyage that we kicked off some two weeks ago from a top layoff in Chicago that has launched us on a vinyl crusade to hit every worthy and reachable record store on route throughMC the Midwest to Los Angeles, Swapping vehicle’s from Armoured GMC SUV to sheer Finesse of the iconic convertible specially chosen to hug the 101 highway as best we can all the way through sun-drenched California to San Fransisco, This has been one hell of an education as we have pioneered across the expanse of the USA seeing first hand the cultural unbalance of this country that has no Middle class….Just sadly the haves and the heart breaking to have witness time and time agin the have nots! I have captured moments to share with you both via Soulam/Facebook blogs which were based on mainly Record store reviews and special moments, But for all those who missed the updates a special page is going to be created to review the voyage in its entirety so keep it locked right her here.

So what’s Autumn got in store!

Keeping in the tradition of scripting original productions and continuing popular returning series this October see’s a welcome return of the Battle of your Bands, Four winners of their Heats held back in summer enter the semi’s in the hope of reaching the finals penned in for Xmas! This time around though subtle changes have taken place, We now have 5 rounds instead of 4 and they have been allowed to choose new Bands that they love..Again each round scored by voting online so the more hits they get! The more hope of winning Simple.

Another very popular series that returns in October is the LP Showcase My main reason for this voyage in the first place was to capture as much original content as possible first run presses on their original labels cutting out their subsidiaries and sister labels altogether that were used for distribution overseas, This show will be so interesting new LPs discovered together live on air that will be incorporated into my collection over the coming months…Not to be missed!!

Now as I have already attended this years Halloween horror nights on this trip in L A, top laugh by the way as per every time we attend! The other show that makes its annual return this fall is the P.R.O.J.E.C.T Afterlife series that celebrates the Artists that we sadly lose every year respectfully paying tribute to them through their finest work that I own, With 2016 additions of Sir Maurice White of EWF and at time of writing masterful magician of Soul Kashif plus sadly many many more, Caution this show’s production has been known to make you bolt your doors and lock your windows! so you have been warned!!

Lastly I will be making a few changes to the way we communicate and also the way we deliver the podcasts and updates! But I will keep you posted..I have really appreciate all of your feedback and support during the Vinyl Voyage really you cannot imagine how much of a big part that you have made spurring me on to rediscover both my music…and more importantly Myself, Seeing and hearing my family and friends daily has meant the world to me and finally daring to believe in me my kin like best friend Andy for sharing my dream with me and supporting me throughout like a brother! He did that for me! I did this for you!! And return better for it and fortunate enough to have been able to embarked on a truly once in a lifetime event!!! The Vinyl Voyage.

Stay Soulful MJ


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This past weekend, record stores throughout the country were packed with customers in numbers they rarely see, digging through dusty, old bins for aging classics and seeking out new releases. Thanks to Record Store Day, music lovers each year either rekindle their relationship with the vinyl record or begin a new infatuation with the format,

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