This Soul A:M Sunday we drop out of warp reaching our designated target, A year that i can gleefully recall was full throttle! In London town we fully embraced the Bars that imitated full blown clubs, Lights Action! and killer sound systems caressed the participants who crammed in enveloped by the serious superior Soul Sounds!
Cars were also transformed into miniature soul spaces as the hip hit the strip looking, longing for good times uptown downtown or coastal frequenting the clubs by the shores who were forever popular since the turn of the decade.
Hip Hop had influenced our music since its incantation back in the 70s and was about to re-emerge as the force of the floors Raps new Generation were gonna revolutionise dance from its very core instantly labeled a Public Enemy by the unappreciative,
Record Labels and recording studio’s were hit!
Sadly due to what i call Waterman syndrome that spread like a virus created in audio labs with the soul-less intention to water down our purity just like the Decade before which led to disco’s demise? Our music was about to slowly implode, Coupled with the emergence of both H.O.U.S.E and ACID house! Platinum award winning artists bathing in souls success were about to have a rude awakening that sadly our Genre would not recover from…
Welcome home to the Star-Date 1987 this weeks
Dance Decade Sunday morning from 10:AM Soul A:M.