As Dance Decade 15 is scheduled to air summer 2017, I thought that it would be nice to arrange a series to look into the expanded universe of the definitive series that I have rubber stamped as 1978/9 to 87/8. The Magnificent 1970s with all of its grace and sophistication with transformation from dance, rhythm and blues R&B that inadvertently transcends into the euphoria that we know and love as D.I.S.C.O, right into the 90s which serves as a launchpad for garage house music’s evolutionary jump from Deep Chicago to Acid House which went back on itself after losing its way to once again embrace the very essence of mother music….The Soul, its resurgence back towards the origins of the 70s was embraced again within a U.K. Phenomena called Acid Jazz. A neo-nineties hybrid of everything Soul and Jazz was a revelation to captivate the dance-floors once more, short lived yes, but powerful to the very last.