SOUL A.M pres My FAVOURITE ALBUM..Is Better than yours?


This Soul A.M Sunday we conclude the month of June with a pilot episode of a brand new show coming this autumn, In the same vein as the Battle series I present to you a new concept show which gives you a chance to shout out this challenge…
My Favourite Album is better than yours!
I have invited one of you to be my opponent armed with your cherished LP to help me refine the concept live in air (Call this a test pressing!) little did I know though that long term listener Ian Kelly would only go and choose My Favourite Motion Picture soundtrack of all time??? SNF.
So! as this is for fun? I dove deep into my Albums to find a worthy L-Pee to challenge, Luckily I have quite a few LPs Scored for movies but one in particular stood out.
My gate-folded double Album easily has 6 power plays on it…But could it stand it up to the raw power of a motion picture sound track that propelled Disco from the dance floors to the living room and beyond…! to some extent I am the underdog with my choice let me explain further.
My LP stands in front as a delicate to introduce you to the world of the invisible… the class we took for granted who would do the jobs we would not! In a time of divide and racial tensions, a period though fortunately enveloped in a seamless Segway of ghetto funk and Super soul with harmonies and melodies that can pull on your heart strings that long for a better tomorrow! I cannot wait to introduce you too both fantastic Motion Picture soundtrack Albums that defined 2 generations from the 1970s.. the haves and the have nots.
Which ever album comes out on top! there will only be one clear winner..and that my friends is you the Listener.
My Favourite Album…Is better than yours airs Sunday from 10:AM Soul A:M

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