Christmas Weekend! From 10:AM

And what do i do…I sign up to not produce one show for xmas eve, But i schedule another show 24hrs later!
Am i nuts.. Like i don’t have a zillion other things to do like spend 2 days in the kitchen from tomorrow morning.
Before then we have a score to settle with two more of you fantastic listeners going Deck2Deck with you cherished LPs for a place in the semi’s,
This show is uncut but designed to give you back your day as i am sure that you won’t be allowed to sit by your HiFis Reminiscing to the Good grooves for very long!

Fear not as while you pretend to like your new sock n pants you will receive Christmas morning, I present to you a specially constructed show that is designed to celebrate Musical Freedom a selection a Groovy tunes designed to promote thought for others less fortunate and highlight the damage that the Corporations are doing to the world that we live in right under our noses.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas