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2017 A new dawn brings a new hope…

Welcome to Soul A.M

As freestyle January winds down I take a look back to the turn of this year to reflect on just how fortunate I am to be able to self produce arrange script and broadcast my show for you without the usual restrictions and influences that are commonly associated with radio today. January it is now customary to strip everything away that you are now accustomed to both hear and see and just present the show in its most Undiluted format almost reminiscent to the early days of Soul A.M pure plain and simple Soul Music.
How great are you; Yes I mean you! Your support over these years as been near miraculous logging in week in week out to feel the power of Soul musics embrace, with many of you going back to 2002 when I created this show for the purist music admirer who wanted something more! Something real other than what was out their and back in 02 there was very little in terms of Soul let alone Original Vinyl to feed your crave, The show has evolved over the years ( once I was asked by a listener not to make it sound too much like radio 1) I’m still not sure if that was a compliment or not? but as I now near fifteen years of continuous broadcast know this! You mean just as much to me as the music that i play, I understand that we have created an institution that has no other place in time other than on a Sunday morning! Even though we Podcast and replay show in the week you still log in live…That means so much to me and I hope that this is returned to you in the numerous ways that I am able to create intuitive ways to theme the many shows that now make up the very building blocks of Soul A.M.

Rockin you Globally
Our international listening base has always been a special relationship over the years and as part of my commitment to keep the soul fire’s burning on a global scale, I am looking into new ideas to interact with you more on our website, watch this space and your suggestions are always appreciated,

Upcoming shows
February always is a stark reminder that the themed shows return and usually don’t let up until the years end..This Valentines usually means that the tempo of my music is reduced and the lyrics are magnified for you to absorb with love ballads and mellow grooves are given centre stage, this time around I drop the Mike to maximise your listening pleasure’s dependant of what you get up to whilst listening? Either way hope that you enjoy as Drop the Mike sessions presents BodyTalk..Valentines.
Another favourite makes a welcomed return this month as the Masters of Music reminds us just why record labels vied for dance floor domination armed with the tag line – Who will be victorious you decide we sound clash two mammoth labels  and you decide by voting online… Indeed this was the inspiration behind the battle of your bands which also returns to Soul A.M very soon. After a very successful debut last year.
Lastly thank you for loving music, we share a bond of appreciating the creators from singers songwriters and arrangers over to musicians record stores and producers.. indeed I am just but one voice committed to Spreading the word! My Word, thankfully I am not alone as there are many others all with a story to tell.. But unique in every way as there is one aspect of this show that cannot be replicated in any way! And that is my very Soul transcends through my broadcast and I think that it shows!

Look out for the next edition of the Stylus that will introduce you to the Events that will entertain you from this April when we celebrate 15 years of broadcast.

Stay Soulful until then, J


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