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Soulam Groove Line


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This past weekend, record stores throughout the country were packed with customers in numbers they rarely see, digging through dusty, old bins for aging classics and seeking out new releases. Thanks to Record Store Day, music lovers each year either rekindle their relationship with the vinyl record or begin a new infatuation with the format,

The Get Down

George Duke, Stanley Clarke and Howard Hewett – Heaven Sent You

The Stylus Summer 2016

As I await¬† to board a plane to Barca for a weekend break thinking of the Sun that awaits us ahead, I am instantly¬† reminded of soul records from Summer’s past coupled with that feel good factor that resides within the groove of the music that we have played week in week out for little more that fourteen glorious years.

As the solstice approaches to confirm summers true arrival (hopeful) I would like to share with you a flash forward till Autumn to share all of the themed shows that await your Soul senses,

Throughout June The Battle of your bands rages on as we continue to match up your favourite bands in eager anticipation to become the best of the rest in this specially arranged tournament edition that runs weekly with winner going through to the semi finals to be held in Autumn,

A Decade of Dance awaits
The definitive series returns to Soul A.M in its customary yearly cycle! Some of the plaudits that I have received over the years expressing your kind words reflection how important this show is to you is simply astounding and definitely humbling, As I gleefully take you upon an epic audio safari spanning my favourite timeline of music that I proudly lived through capturing sights and sounds and monumental moments a our history coupled with Memories and tales from your dance floors past, The Dance Decade is the one! It’s actually my very first themed show going back to 2002, A customary change is applied every year to keep the timeline original as this time out we kick off from the Star-Date 1980 to incorporate a true feeling of a decade and the evolution of Dance, We kick off at the turn of the decade 1980 and groove on right through to Classic house Territory the legendary 1989 capturing every genre in between, Fear not though funky wool missing the 70s I will launch the series with a PreLude that is dedicated to the hip and trip of the 70s simply entitled The HUSTLE,

Launching July 3rd
Then 10 consecutive weeks after.

The Vinyl Voyage
Soul the Vinyl Frontier, how ironic really that I would actually be setting out a cross the vast expanse in search of strange new worlds…To seek out? You get my drift! As part of 50 years roaming this earth! I am about to set off on a 3 week mission a cross the United States searching for the lost grooves the ones that got away! Hitting every single record store along the trail from The Windy City across the 66 to LA (2 weeks) then up the west coast to San Fransisco. Accompanied by Andy B, we will enjoy the ultimate road trip! Records, Good Food, and Automobiles… The ultimate 50th Birthday celebration before the actual day in December,

So enjoy Summer and Soul until the Autumn comes and the show’s transform to a darker tone in preparation for the return of those Souls sadly lost…ready to return with the help of the Afterlife series.

Stay Soulful MJ

Freeze – Southern Freeze

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