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Tom Browne – Funkin’ for Jamaica

June on Soul A.M

The Sound of Music…The Sound of Summer welcome to Soul A.M with the weather doing its part to envelope us in that feel good warmth that works so well with playing records and memories of years gone by, It looks like throughout this next month I am about to shed some pounds for that beach holiday zooming up in July as i am about to immerse my self in a whole month of total knockout productions that will range from feel good returning favourites to launching a brand new pilot episode.

Apart from the Sunshine which will hopefully invading our Soul-Spaces throughout June! lets take a peak into what creations queued ready for lift off that fall more in-line with creative my mind has felt these past few weeks.

We kick off the Joys of June with firm favourite of mine delivered to you under the guise of LP-Showcase a real treat on your senses that is designed to unlock your tracks which lye dormant alongside the power plays that you guiltily purchased the albums for in the first place, The artists true identity can be sampled again and again as often enough during this very show new classics are discovered live on air and the real guilty pleasure is…You never knew you already owned these melodies! aires 4th.

The next take is delivered in one…As we get low down and groovy to seek out the Soul records that make-up motion picture soundtracks to some of the hottest movies to light up the silver. From Blaxploitation to box office elation, Freddy Krueger to Foxy brown sugar we drop the score that will leave you wanting more.. aires 11th.

Its production time Planet Producers is designed to give you a unique insight into the inner working of these fabulous artists who give us so much more than a melody, This month we introduce to you the mind and magic of Mr Tom Brown..Prepare to be blown away by the horns of a maestro and the funk direct from the motherland. aires 18th

We conclude this month that will hopefully promise warmer days with a pilot episode of a brand new production that could be massive, Ian Kelly ask kindly offered to test this pre-release by becoming my challenger..So how does he repay me for the opportunity…He chooses one of my favourite Albums! but fear not as I have chosen a worthy opponent also sporting a gatefold sleeve and bottomless pit of tracks, Our first challenge is narrowing down two motion picture soundtracks down to four killer cuts..
This pilot will use the same engine as the Battle of your Bands so we hope you have fun whilst we capture some informative feedback in the hope of laying down the series of the summer…Next to the DD Series of cause enjoy. aires 25th

Regards Wayne Hunter-Nevers

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