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December on Soul AM

4th MJ dips back into the vaults to pull out another Vintage cracker…Like every wrap you pull, You never know which present you will get!

Just what show will will you get! Tune in to find out.

11th LP Showcase unwrap the Artists true identity!
This show has history and lots of it! We all hopefully own or have at least owned an album or 2 over the decades, bought mainly for that one hit maybe! Or even an an elusive track that we have sought for so long only to stumble upon it lying dormant for all those years never actually knowing that you owned a copy all along. LPs albums Long plays call them what you may, they are magnificent and this show unlocks their potential as we seek to not only the very essence of the Bands and artists who fly solo! We do this for you live and this Christmas the classics come out to play.

18th The Battle concludes Christmas week and this show that enters the final stage pulls no punches, introducing two worthy finalists who have bopped there way here the hard way through some of the most fantastic battles,Now they are here let’s see who wants this!
First up on Deck one is CJ who is fronting the Not so Average white band, Whilst on the right is Andy who wants to slap whacko Jacko with some heartfelt family values  Jacksons…
Seven days before Christmas was no fluke as we have cranked up the rounds to 7 thats right seven deadly spins are coming your way, Who will be victorious you will decade by voting online, Oh yes a top prize supplied by Dove box Promotions worthy of any champion, Lets get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The 25th The Master J transforms into the ghost of Christmas past to present to you a very unique journey back through the decades to re-introduce to you not only the Soul music that was the backdrop of our foundations! But the most important alternative music from the other side of the popular musical spectrum that stood out from the minefield that was Pop culture here in the UK. I hear Soul and its origins in most music! can you! This Christmas morning I invite you to join me In and Out of Soul,


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