The Vinyl Voyage



ITS FINALLY HERE…..dedicated to MJs Soulunique and personal adventure to travel across the very expanse of America’s heartland from east to west coast in search for the purest US record releases.

Armed with kinfolk Andy B co-piloting the most iconic American muscle cars born in the USA. This trip could have been about the great outdoors and iconic landscapes usually blown up in big budget disaster movies, but instead this ultimate adventure ended up being so much more!

Spanning three weeks, fifteen hotels and motels, thrills, spills, adventure, first hand education, and yes soul searching for the finest albums and releases lying like wait like lost gold awaiting discovery.

On this mission that started in the Windy City of Chicago all the way to the hilltop streets of San Francisco..

Marvel at the magnitude of the task at hand that evolved from a fantastic once in a lifetime voyage into……..The Vinyl Voyage.