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The Stylus Jan – 16

Even though 2015 has not been a bad year for both Myself and Soul A.M, I am both hoping and feeling pleasantly positive about 2016 it all sounds very futuristic! and luckily for me looking that way too thanks to the brand new Website that Tony has created for your entertainment.

Welcome to the Stylus my monthly update that will keep you in tune with all the scheduled shows and more!

Positively comes as standard here as our Soul intention is to make you absorb the goodness right out or our records grooves. With a New year comes not only a return to some of your favourite themed productions but Intuitive groundbreaking new shows that are designed to entertain whilst giving you greater incite into the world of Soul and the Artists who created magic.

Our new site is designed for interactivity from listening live – to posting comments and feedback to rating shows, To be honest I just want to share my music with those who crave originality for music created with heart for an even bigger Soul,

January is going to be lazy! My intention is to schedule no themed shows this month in the hope of caressing the grooves in the way that only free-styling can. My rendition of free-Styling is to be at one with the music, Letting the Force flow from track 2 track with one record almost simultaneously choosing its successor, This Xone can create a magical listening experience and I for one love it,

As I write this very article from a lounger @ the newly built Finest resort in Playa Mujeres Cancun which may I add has been the perfect detox for devolving all the stresses of 2015, I am now ready to present to you a non-stop cascade of New shows that will both break new ground whilst continuing the Soul A.M tradition of innovation over imitation for this is where true Vinyl Soul lives as we enter 14 years of continuous broadcast, Is this is the year that our beloved format gets the jumpstart that it so rightly deserves from the media from yesterday! To the Media of tomorrow.
With so many true grade artists demanding and supporting a return to the Record format that was the only format that honestly rewarded artists fairly for their creatively? (Debatable even then) But no Artist is in support other than rock legend Mick Jagger who has teamed up with Director Martin Scorsese to bring back purity to the very forefront a TVs biopic of just how the Music industry was Created and Dissolved through the eyes of a music lover turned mogul set to an ever pioneering backdrop of 70s punk -Rock – Disco music, Aptly named VINYL, Soul A.M will post a review and Share Uk air listings in the hope to gain and fully support this bold project, Fingers crossed that it delivers..

Look out for further Banners on the main page advertising new shows and productions throughout this new year that just feels so right….Happy-Safe-and prosperous new year to you all.
This is Soul A.M Vinyl Uncut.

Freeze – Southern Freeze

Imagination, The Whispers

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