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The Get Down – Series 2

23rd – History of Soul A:M 15 Ways to feel good..

This Soul A.M Sunday we conclude our celebration of hitting a milestone 15 years of broadcasting the message embedded within feel good Soul Music with a full on transformation of everything that you are acustomed to both see and hear as i present to you Jazz A:M.

This second outing into the acoustic void tempts you to flirt with your jazzier side to feel the appreciation for artists who ply their trade to fill your senses with the heartbeat of the groove…Pianists Saxophonists and Percussionists will attract your senses to tempt you to resist the melodies crafted by the worlds finest musicians, Log into and be assaulted by a transformation of visual delights as our web space gets a makeover, even the Jingles are transformed,
Tuning up starts Sunday morning from 10am Soul A:M.

For many Sunday mornings now Soul A.M has stretched the boundaries of listeners imagination often rewriting the code of practice of the radio presenter. Breaking the tried and tested mould on the disc jockey scene that stereotypically goes way back to the 70s party scene, and has sadly never evolved in terms of structure and arrangement.

Since the shows creation which stems back so 2002, the Master Js intention was always to interact with the shows listeners in his own Soul-Unique way! Broadcasting in such a way that envelopes the listener in not only sumptuous sounds laid down only from original records collected in real-time release, but also to invite you to unlock your own memories from your soul infused past to heighten the experience further.

MJ’s uniqueness in his execution of the master mix loosely based off inspirational jocks like Nicki Siano (Gallery NYC) Froggy Steve Hewlett and the Mix Doctor Les Adams (James) who dared to seamlessly Segway killer cuts live, rarely tempted by Dj’s for its need of draining attention, timing, and concentration to feel the bands beats bridges and hooks almost like another member of the group creating one long blissful musical safari of tracks with you not knowing what surprise was about to embrace your senses next…Djing always on the edge! failure to Master this art form would result in an audio train crash of epic proportions unpleasant for the recipients shameful for the jock…. So you can see why many have not trodden the path to become a Mix-Master..

The evolution of the show over the years has been quite astounding with the ability to keep introducing new and intuitive ways to entertain-by producing new shows to keep the fires burning with the first being the Dance Decade, closely followed by the project series which was designed to uncover different genres of soul music right up to today’s arrangements that immerse the listener deeper into their own life tribulations.

This show will be a very up close and personal learning pathway, as the one thing that we have held so dear over all of these years is the global listening fan base with many still locked in every Sunday morning since day one that is utterly amazing! 

During this celebration we will unlock some classic never before aired tales of mishap that will invite you to share a greater understanding of just what J is prepared to do to keep the show on air, behind the scenes and never before shared (some for good reason!) We will also arrange some audio treats to make a welcomed return classic jingles anyone, 

London Toooooooooooooooown, classic quote pass the bowl round Get some change, Get some change Haa haa enjoy.

Regards Wayne Hunter-Nevers


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